Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blown Away

Twice recently I found myself sitting around a table with a group of people intensely discussing the work of God. Mostly I listened. On these back-to-back days I got the distinct impression that was what I was there to do.

The dynamics of these two occasions were distinct yet similar. On both days, the tables were crowded with people who, for the most part, didn’t really know each other—most of whom had not, in fact, met before that day, and who came together for very diverse reasons. At both tables, however, passion for Christ dominated the talk.

I watched one woman share her faith as her neck and chest grew increasingly splotched. If that was from nerves, she didn’t let her own discomfort deter her. She leaned forward, describing the transformation that takes place with life in Christ. She was intense, and the discussion on salvation that ensued was compelling.

The next day I found myself at a table where a man held court, telling multiple stories of God’s work in his life. As impressive as God’s interventions was his response to them: this was a man in awe of God. He looks for Him and finds Him everywhere. I watched two grown men sitting at that table respond with tears.

I was moved, too … to remembrance. Sitting at a table with people who seize the opportunity to share their faith is a refreshing—and humbling—experience. Their rush of words and exuberance flattened me, even as the Holy Spirit’s fresh wind renewed me. At one point the man looked at me and said, “You have to decide why you are here today.”

I already knew; twin experiences are not by accident but design. I was there to be reminded, to be invigorated—and convicted—by passionate people speaking on Christ’s behalf so I will reserve my place at the next table. I must never lose my voice but always look for a release for my own pent-up rush of words: I am a follower of Christ, whose undeserved grace and glory in my life still blows me away.

“As for us, we cannot help speaking about what we have seen or heard”~ Acts 4:20 NIV

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